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Mind Manipulation: Learn Beginners’ Techniques for Mind Control, Mind Games, Mental Manipulation and Influence People, Defend Yourself and Recognize Emotional Control, Deception, Persuasion

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by Joe Silva

★★ Buy the Paperback Version of this Book and get the Kindle Book version for FREE ★★If you want to understand how to use mind games and mental manipulation, then keep reading.Have you ever felt like people are taking control over your life and that you are spending too much time doing what they want as opposed to what you want?Do you ever feel like people are playing with your emotions or influencing your thoughts for their own benefit, or to your detriment?If your answer to any of these question is “Yes,” then you need to get yourself a copy of this book.You will learn the main techniques that manipulative people use to control their targets and to get them to do whatever they want. All the main tricks that narcissist, Machiavellians, sadistic people, sociopaths, and even psychopaths use to keep others under their thumb will be revealed to you, so that you can learn to protect yourself from manipulation or control, whether its orchestrated by your partner or spouse, a member of your family, a friend with personal agendas, or a colleague with malicious intentions.Unlike other books about manipulation, this book is clear and straightforward. It doesn’t tire you with a lot of complex technical terms that only mental health practitioner can understand. Instead, it makes use of layman terms to explain otherwise complicated psychological concepts, to make sure that you are able to quickly understand and internalize the techniques that are discussed within so that you can immediately start using them to regain control over your life and kick manipulators off the steering wheel.Here is some key reason why you should buy it:It explains how people can take advantage of you by manipulating both the way you think and the way you feel.It discusses the deep-seated reasons why people seek to manipulate or control others so that they can understand the real motivations of the people that try to control your life.It explains how manipulators use mind games to take advantage of others.It explains how intimidation and bullying are used as weapons to get people to act against their will, and what you can do to defend against them.It explains how people can get the best of you by altering your perceptions, and what you can do to keep this from happening.It explains how your spouse, partner, family, or friends can take advantage of the way you feel about them, and what you can do to avoid being controlled and manipulated by your loved ones.It explains how you can recognize people who are inclined to be manipulative and what you can do to recover from past manipulation and guard against future manipulation.Even if you are a beginner, reading this guide you will learn the true about mind manipulation.Scroll Up and Click the Buy Now Button to Get Your Copy!

Genre: Science & Maths, Behavioural Sciences
Size: 122 pages
Free download for Kindle from 07 February 2020 onward  

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