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Elly Elephant’s Trunk: Teach children how they need to be patient about growing up (Illustrations childrens books for boys and girls Book 3)

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by Kelly Curtiss

Elly Elephant’s Trunk is a rhyming bedtime story for young children. The book’s exquisite color illustrations are sure to delight young readers of all ages.Does Your Child Want To Grow Up Too Soon? Are They Ready to Learn New Life Skills?Every kid wants to learn how to do adult things:from being tall enough to reach the counter,to being skilled enough to put on their own clothes.Unfortunately, you can’t just tell a child to wait;they don’t have the patience,or the ability to give themselves time to grow, and develop. But you can provide life lessons to your child through stories. Illustrated picture books capture your child’s heart,while allowing them to use their wild imagination, and learn valuable life lessons. Elly Elephant often eats with her family and other elephants in the forest.However, Elly is still too short and can’t reach the highest branches.Her mother tells her she has to wait, but her father has an idea to help Elly. Young readers will identify with Elly in this situation,as she’s frustrated at how long it will take her to grow and join the others in their daily activities.Parents and teachers can also use the story featured in Elly Elephant’s Trunk to teach childrenhow they need to be patient about growing up and also be willing to learn new things that will help them in their daily lives. Elly Elephant’s Trunk is ideal for bedtime reading with younger children.However, older children can also read this wonderful book on their own and will enjoy Elly’s story. If you want to give your child the gift of wonder while reinforcing important messages,then scroll up and click the “Add to cart” button right now.    

Genre: Children's eBooks, Animals
Size: 22 pages
Free download for Kindle from 16 January 2020 onward  

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