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Save the Money: How companies trick you to NOT save money

by Dean Woods

Knowing how to save money is important, but knowing how companies trick you NOT to save is equally important tooEveryone knows that saving money is a good idea, but have you ever stopped to think about it from the perspective of companies? The companies in the world are incentivized for you not to save. How else are you going to buy their products if you are saving your money instead?To make sure you have a chance to save money, you need to now how to save money when companies ask for itTo help you save that money, this book starts by asking you what you are looking for out of your finances. Then, it moves on top discuss some of the specific tactics companies use to get you to spend more money.If you know the tactics companies use to get you to spend more, you can defend yourself against their marketing tactics!The tactics in the book that you'll learn about and how to defend yourself from are:"Saving"Split testing websitesEye TrackingScarcityPrimingReciprocityAnchoringIf you know these tactics, then you will know how to recognize them in action. Even better, your financial decisions will be your own. You decide whether to spend or save money, not companies!

Genre: Business & Finance, Personal Finance
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 24 February 2020 onward  

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