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What if you wake up one day and realize that Karma is no longer in your favor? What if the person you love is an object that you want to possess just for the sake of your ego? Is it possible to live all alone and deal with the demons inside of your head that rant about your insecurities and the need for someone to validate your existence?Kawthar Khan, a writer, finds herself in the midst of a chaos that shakes her ethics as she plans to avenge a heartbreak. She does not believe that love is trying to hold her hand as her ego blinds her enough to sideline the gifts Life has given her. Do we want love from someone else just because we are never taught to love ourselves? Or, we put too much faith on Karma and watch our lovers forget us gradually? Will you ever fall in love with someone who contributes to a slow death?

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga
Size: 153 pages
Free download for Kindle from 19 February 2020 onward  

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