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Survival Hacks: Tricks Everyone Needs in The Wild + Knot Tying

by Felicia Brown

Survival Hacks:Tricks Everyone Needs in The Wild + Knot TyingBook 1Knots:Step-by-Step Instructional Guide on Tying Knots For Any PurposeIn this book you will learn on how to do tie knots for various purposes particularly for accessories through the help of the numerous knot tying projects that will surely fit your taste.Here you will find the basic sewing knot tying projects that will spark your learning up that you can use on the succeeding projects that we will do throughout this book.In fishing you can also use the knowledge of knot tying that is why this hobby will truly bring you a lot of wonders.Book 2Fishing Knots:How-to-Guide on Making Fishing Knots and LinesThis book doesn’t just give you a step by step guide to knotting, it bestows upon you hard earned knowledge from the field.You will learn tips and tricks that only a veteran fishing enthusiast would know! All of the knots, loops, and lines presented in this book come complete with advice not only on how to build them, but on how best to use them!Book 3Survival Hacks:Best Ways to Use Everyday Things for Survival in The WildDid you know that you can take a PVC pipe and turn it into a water well? How about soda solar panels? Or perhaps a water bottle fish trap? Learn how you can glean water from the wild, gather food, produce electricity, and build a shelter with common everyday items. If you have the will, here in this book—we will show you the way!

Genre: Home & Garden, Crafts & Hobbies, Sport, Fishing & Other Outdoor Pursuits
Size: 144 pages
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