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Starsky & Hutch Next Gen: Episodes 1-8

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by Tammy Ruggles

Starsky & Hutch Next Gen Series.(Each episode is a transformative work that contains no characters from the original TV series Starsky and Hutch, and is not endorsed or associated with Sony Pictures Television, Warner Brothers, or other rights holders).INTRODUCTION/BACKSTORYNot only are Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson young, single detectives with the Bay City Police Department in California, they’re brothers only a year apart, as they share the same mother, who died in an auto accident when the boys were young teenagers.Other characters in Starsky & Hutch Next Gen include Captain Shaw (female superior), Tasha Brown (Huggy’s daughter), her boyfriend Tony (Phys Ed teacher), Mo (Davis and Kent's snitch and psychic friend who runs a grungy gym), and Lucky (Davis and Kent’s hooker friend trying to go clean).Davis drives a black Mustang with twin white stripes running down the hood, and Kent drives a white Audi. Episodes 1-8.EPISODE1: SCHOOL SHOOTER. Young detectives Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson, sons of Starsky and Hutch, respond to a shooter at Bay City High School. You'll be introduced to their other friends: Huggy's daughter Tasha. A hooker/informant named Lucky. And a reluctant psychic named Momo. EPISODE 2: MO'S VISIONS. Young detective Davis Starsky is on a frantic search for his missing brother and partner Kent Hutchinson, and receives help from their friend and reluctant psychic, Mo. EPISODE 3: JUNKIE. Young detectives Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson receive an undercover assignment to infiltrate a motorcycle gang in order to trace fentanyl-laced heroin to its source and get it off the streets, but an unexpected setback places one of the partners in danger. EPISODE 4: FIGHTYoung detectives Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson investigate underground death matches in the world of fighting.EPISODE 5: TASHA’S LEGACYYoung detectives Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson try to help a close friend when she is viciously assaulted.EPISODE 6: SNUFFDetectives Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson go undercover to investigate the world of snuff films. EPISODE 7: LUCKY’S STRIKEDavis and Kent investigate the missing wife of a prominent pastor, while facing challenges in their own lives.EPISODE 8: MARIA’S FREEDOMA domestic violence altercation leads to danger for one of the partners.

Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Mysteries & Thrillers
Size: 287 pages
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