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Knight and Champion

by AJ Nasrin

Imperial troops have been sighted in the Mittel Mountains. G’aal hunters patrol the Dawn Forest for the first time in decades. The tiny Kingdom of Ardennia - the only Elestan nation not founded on the back of slavery - braces itself for annihilation.Hope can be found in the most unlikely of places. In the remote village of Guill, Catelyn la Berne dreams of becoming the first woman in centuries to wield a sword as a Knight of the Realm. Older sister Hadley would willingly die for her large family, but not devote her life to its maintenance. Taciturn and remote, younger brother Tanis finds in books the comfort he cannot manufacture in the company of others.On the way home from the annual Harvest Feast, the la Berne family is ambushed by a band of g’aalish raiders. Almost as if they were targeted, nine of their number is brutally murdered. Catelyn, Hadley and Tanis must forge paths blackened and hardened by grief.Catelyn is separated from her siblings and hounded by enemies. She agrees to an unlikely alliance with Franze Beck, an imperial defector who sees in Catelyn something he carries himself - a rare dire anima. Lich magic. Sensing she must learn more about the unwanted power that will shape her destiny, Catelyn submits to Franze’s intense tutorship.Hadley washes up in Andra, a riverland town bracing for imperial bombardment. Forced to sell her virginity to the Rose Cartel, Hadley musters an iron resolve that sees her all the way to the summit of Andrian politics. She consummates an affair with Governor Sandor Ballist as the first balls of flaming pitch arc across the night sky.Barely staying ahead of the large-scale imperial invasion, Tanis learns the ways of the forest with a company of Crown Rangers. The Witch of Fenril, a sinister presence known to reside in the southern swamps, detects his dire anima and launches a relentless attack on his mind. Helplessly in thrall to the witch, Tanis is ordered to murder his sisters or suffer an impossibly cruel fate.KNIGHT AND CHAMPION is the first in a planned epic fantasy series by the mysterious AJ Nasrin.

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 446 pages
Free download for Kindle from 21 October 2019 onward  

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