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WOW! You Look Fantastic: Your Journey to a Happier, Healthier Life

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by Nancy N. Wilson

Are you on-edge and out of shape? Discover a simple approach to get your mind and body back into their prime. Do you feel like your eating habits are beyond your control? Do you struggle with weight gain and energy loss as you age? Are you tired of chasing after the newest diet fads and workout gurus? Author Nancy N. Wilson has spent years researching and writing about proven healthy practices. After successfully applying her findings to her own lifestyle, she's here to share her most effective techniques for lasting results.WOW! You Look Fantastic! Your Journey to a Happier, Healthier Life is a practical handbook packed with step-by-step methods to elevate your fitness, mood, and self-image. Specially tailored for women over 40, Wilson's holistic approach to a better body will help you feel amazing from the inside out. Guided by personal anecdotes, simple tools, and comprehensive checklists, you'll shed the burden of extra pounds and stress to reveal a more fit, happier you. In WOW! You Look Fantastic!, you'll discover:A simple approach to gradually improve your health each and every dayStep-by-step methods to turn self-destructive habits into positive practicesChecklists, tools, and recommendations to help you focus on incremental improvementsPowerful exercises to help you gauge and advance your fitness levelInspiration, motivation, and additional resources to keep you on track, and much, much more!WOW! You Look Fantastic! is an inspiring reference book for revolutionizing your wellbeing. If you like proven advice, practical tips, and encouragement from someone who's traveled the same path, then you'll love Nancy N Wilson's life-changing resource. Buy WOW! You Look Fantastic! to take charge of your fit new future today!

Genre: Health & Fitness, Personal Health
Size: 146 pages
Free download for Kindle from 13 February 2020 onward  

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