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The Dark Spots in the History of Mankind (Extended Edition): Great powers of forgotten worlds

by Jennifer S. Dawson

This is an extended edition, revised and revised. It added new articles about the prehistoric culture of man. Here you will learn about the English witches, get acquainted with the space Lemurians and go on a trip to the dream republic.The ancient and modern history of civilizations hides many secrets.For thousands of years, the existence of mankind has left scientists with a lot of questions and riddles that amaze the mind and often remain unsolved. However, there are ancient secrets that turned out to be tough on 21st century experts.This book includes historical investigations, stories about disappeared civilizations, military secrets, ingenious inventions, catastrophes, love stories, amazing turns of history, sensations, discoveries, versions and facts. We will go on a journey through the lost worlds and try to illuminate the darkest pages of human culture.Content:Extended Part:Angkor - The Lost City in the Heart of the JungleBurr of the Hypogeum of MaltaLemuria and Ancient SpaceshipsMystery of the Sumerian CivilizationIron Age FeministsEgyptian sun god - RaRepublic of DreamsSources of wealthLancashire Witches

Genre: Education & Reference, Fun Facts
Size: 182 pages
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