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Love Love Love: Three Very Different Love Stories

Rating: 4.00 / 5
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by Valerie J. Brooks

Three very different love stories—noir, magical, and quirky—because we always need more love.•A wife takes her husband on a surprise anniversary trip that she knows is not where he wants to go. Will they survive to enjoy another year together?•In the time of war, a classroom of children experiences no joy. Can one brave woman use her magic to take her students to a circus? War changes everything—or does it?•When you’re different, you still want love. But can you find someone who will love you when your nose is so big you smell every intimate scent—good or bad. (R-rated for sexual content.)Send this to someone you love. Whether to celebrate Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or engagements, or any day, this free collection is yours to share.Copy the URL link onto a card, add to a bouquet of flowers, send to your mom, wife, or partner. Dance it through the front door. Clothes optional. Be creative. Live large. Love always.

Genre: Romance, Collections & Anthologies, Contemporary
Size: Unknown
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