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IN THE HURRICANE'S EYE: Parenting a teen girl

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A book for teenagers but also for parents, for a period marked by changes that surprise both sides.Teenagers! Most parents dread the period when their children reach adolescence. Unknown dangers lurk at every corner; one wrong move, an innocent mistake, an error or a miscalculation can turn the life of a child and his or her family into a nightmare. Educators and psychologists offer advice on how best to deal with this period of transformation, but no parent is ever fully prepared. This book is not a textbook, or a compendium of recommendations, nor does it claim to offer a miraculous cure to one of the world’s oldest problems, the generational gap. Instead, it blends together in a most loving and thoughtful way the voices of a father and a daughter. The narrative discloses subtly the feelings of joy, happiness, fear, concern, restlessness, worry, and melancholy of two very different generations. The authors, father and daughter also use graphic images of their own design to bring color and nuance to their respective stories. Though at times the authoritative voice of the parent seems to take control over the narrative, the reader should not be fooled. Parent and child are both students of life sharing and learning from each other’s perspective. An easy, insightful, and at times amusing reading, the book is an extremely important tool and conversational opener for parents and children alike.Ruxandra Iuliana Petrinca, January 3, 2019

Genre: Parenting & Families, Family Relationships, Parenting, Teen & Young Adult, Social Issues
Size: 138 pages
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