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Credit Card And Credit Repair Secrets: Discover How To Repair Your Credit, Get A 700+ Credit Score, Access Business Startup Funding, And Travel For Free ... Cards (Business & Money Series Book 6)

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by Michael Ezeanaka

Finally! A Step-By-Step Blueprint For Repairing Your Credit, Achieving a 700+ Credit Score, Accessing Startup Funding and Travelling the World for FREE!Are you sick and tired of paying huge interests on loans due to poor credit scores? Are you frustrated with not knowing where or how to get the necessary capital you need to start your business? Would you like to get all these as well as discover how you can travel the world for FREE?If so, you'll love Credit Card and Credit Repair Secrets.Imagine knowing simple do-it-yourself strategies you can employ to repair your credit profile, protect it from identity theft, access very cheap and affordable funding for your business and travel the world without any out of pocket expense!This can be your reality. You can learn how to do all these and more. Moreover, you may be surprised by how simple doing so is.DOWNLOAD Credit Card and Credit Repair Secrets!Amazon bestselling author Michael Ezeanaka provides a clear, concise, and actionable system for building a stellar credit profile. You'll learn how to manage your credit in a way that practically guarantees success when seeking for loans and protecting yourself from identity theft. Along the way, you'll experience a massive boost in self-confidence. After achieving a 700+ credit score, you'll begin to anticipate financial success as a foregone conclusion. In This Book, you'll discover:3 Types of consumer credit (And How You Can Access Them!)How To Read, Review and Understand Your Credit Report (Including a Sample Letter You Can Send To Dispute Any Inaccuracy In It)How To Achieve a 700+ Credit Score (And What To Do If You Have No FICO Score)How To Monitor Your Credit Score (Including the difference between hard and soft inquiries)What The VantageScore Model Is, It’s Purpose, And How It Differs From The FICO Score ModelThe Factors That Impact Your Credit Rating. Including The Ones That Certainly Don’t - Despite What People Say!Which Is More Important: Payment History Or Credit Utilization? (The Answer May Surprise You)Why You Should Always Check Your Credit Report (At least Once A Month!)How Credit Cards Work (From The Business And Consumer Perspective)Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing A Credit Card (Including How To Avoid A Finance Charge on Your Credit Card)How To Climb The Credit Card Ladder And Unlock Reward PointsWhich Is More Appropriate: A Personal or Business Credit Card? (Find Out!)How to Protect Your Credit Card From Identity TheftSources of Fund You Can Leverage To Grow Your Business…and much, much more!An Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) report shows that 1,579 data breaches exposed about 179 million identity records in 2017. Being a victim of an identity scam can cause you a lot of problems. One of the worst cases would be the downfall of your credit score. You don't have to fall victim to it.This book gives you a simple, but incredibly effective, step-by-step process you can use to build, protect and leverage your stellar credit profile to enjoy a financially stress-free life! It's practical. It's actionable. And if you follow it closely, it'll deliver extraordinary results!Scroll to the top of the page and click the "BUY NOW" button to grab your copy.Note: This is Book 8 In The Business and Money Series 

Genre: Business & Finance, Economics, Finance, Investing, Marketing & Sales, Personal Finance
Size: 299 pages
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