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Soul Solstice (The Atman Journeys #0.5 Novelette)

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

by H.L. Morley

No flood of water, no gust of air,Could make her world any easier to bear.This journey not from a beginning, nor at an ending,A cycle to live, to love, to die and then repeat.But when the sun does set on summer solstice, tears would wash away her blindness.‚ąěHarriet Garcia was all too aware that her life lacked... life. She'd allowed herself to be herded by her boyfriend, Brendan Mane. A man she'd fallen out of love with, but couldn't escape. That is until a night she wouldn't remember, yet couldn't forget, opened her eyes. A night that would set the course of things to come. A night that would awaken her soul...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Low Fantasy
Size: Unknown
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