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McALISTER'S WAY - Free Serialisation Vol 03: Chapters 4 and 5

by Richard Marman

MCALISTER’S WAY FREE Weekly Serialisation Volume 3 Chapters 4 & 5A Young Adult Action and Adventure Story for Baby BoomersHere are some more reflections to ponder over the next two serial chaptersChapter 4A teenager’s first sexual encounters can be awkward and embarrassing and I’ve tried to tackle the issue sympathetically and with tolerance. But, here’s a conundrum for you. In the case of boys an experienced woman may be just what they need to get the ball rolling — forgive the double-entendre — yet for girls an older man may be seen as a sexual predator.Chapter 5I fell in love with the Great Barrier Reef when I first went there in 1972 and have often snorkelled and occasionally dived there since then. Despite the latest bleaching, it’s still the most spectacular reef in the world. There is something extra special about sighting your first shark when snorkelling.==============KEYWORDS/TAGS: McAlister’s Way, action, adventure, Zach, Danny, military, helicopters, choppers, soldiers, airmen, attack, New South Wales, Australia, Sydney, Merimbula, plane, flight, fly, Young Adult, YA, explore, discover, New Guinea, enlist, MIA, Missing In Action, Japanese, WWII, war, WW2, Tropic of Capricorn, Indo China, Vietnam, , accompanied, advantage, alcohol, a-penny-a-point, attention, AWU, bambino, barmaid, barracks, barroom, Beatrice, Beryl, Bob, Calm, camp, cane-cutters, Canna, cigarette-smoking, Cobar, Coles, coraggioso, Cowra, Criterion, cutters, damage, Danny, deck, den-of-iniquity, diesel, diggers, discover, dockside, drink, English, equipment, GI, Giovanni, girls, Gladys, Great Barrier Reef, grog, handsome, hell, Hotel, hover, Hoy, hydro-electric, inch-by-inch, Italian, Jack, killed, Lady Burdekin, Lenny, luck, machine, Mackay, Margaret, married, meat-and-two-veg, Noemi, north, opportunity, Penina, Plantation, POW, prawn, Ricci, roared into life, rozzers, Saturday, scatter, shack, shotgun, soon, stiletto-heeled, trawler, truck, under age, union, veranda, Whitsunday Islands, woman, work, XXXX

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Action & Adventure, War, Romance, Myths & Legends, Teen & Young Adult, Military, Literature & Fiction
Size: Unknown
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