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The Bastard (Clan of the Woodlands Book 1)

Rating: 4.10 / 5
10 reviews

by V. K. Ludwig

How much can you love someone who isn't perfect?Ayanna has never known the pleasure of a man’s touch—and few women have; ever since the government seized control of human reproduction. Artificial insemination is the new norm, and no one may have a child without the express permission of the government: no exceptions. When Ayanna’s request to become pregnant is denied, she is shattered— until she gets the opportunity to travel to the Clan of the Woodlands. A group of people free from government oppression, where women are few but strong men are plenty. Maybe she won’t need the government’s permission after all? … At least not as long as River, her hot and selfless bodyguard, doesn’t get in the way. But in a world divided into two warring factions, torn apart by one's efforts to improve the human race, no one is as they seem, not even River. He’s keeping a secret from Ayanna—a secret that could destroy the dream she holds closest to her heart. This romantic, edge-of-your-seat tale is the first book of the Clan of the Woodlands series, and takes place over 150 years in the future, where human principles are about to be redefined. Don’t get this book unless you enjoy them fast-paced, suspenseful and with a rollercoaster of emotions.

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction
Size: 256 pages
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