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Heroes of Hastovia Book 1: The First Adventure

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

by Mark Boutros

International Emmy nominated writer Mark Boutros, brings you a warm, humorous and sometimes dark fantasy about friendship; featuring magic, monsters, morons and more. A young man who has never fit in, searching for home before he is captured and killed.An oaf who watched his loved ones be brutally murdered, seeking vengeance. The last of her kind who can only talk in questions, wanting acceptance and knowledge.A princess struggling to keep her people alive, desperate for a solution.And a villainous Man-Hawk, his soldier of doom and their army, threatening all of their lives.Alone, everything they know will perish, but together they have a chance to change the world. PRAISE FOR HEROES OF HASTOVIA:"...I've not read a book that fuses the moronic characters we meet in everyday life with imaginative fantasy personas so successfully. Clever and funny.""The story is stuffed full of interesting and creative ideas, much more than a typical fantasy story. For example a likeable young lady called Questions, who can’t make statements, but can only ask questions. She’s from the Inquisos tribe, who struggle to have a normal life due to the difficulties of communicating. I particularly liked the idea of “Tortured Souls”. If someone strong is tortured, rather than dying they escape by shrinking to become a small creature, a head with tiny legs. They don’t remember much, but if anyone says their name to them then they get restored to their normal self. That’s a good way of writing - take a common idiom and twist it to have a fantastical meaning."

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Epic, Fiction, Horror, Low Fantasy
Size: 271 pages
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