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Secret Knowledge of Ancient Times: Great powers of forgotten worlds

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by Jennifer S. Dawson

Historians believe that secrets are hidden in ancient civilizations, many of which could not be revealed.Myths, legends, and ancient texts are like the voice of the past, reaching us from a distance of millennia. This past speaks with us most often in the conventional language of art.In the ancient texts, epic, and legends in an inseparable unity, philosophical, political, religious, and social representations of a particular era were intertwined. Created on a certain historical and social background, these sources inevitably carry information about their time.In this book, which was created from the previous two, we will touch on the most interesting secrets of ancient civilizations and take a journey into the depths of history.keywords:mysteries of ancient civilizationshistory secretssecrets of Atlantismysteries of ancient egyptlost civilizationsMyths, legends, and ancient textsepic, and legend

Genre: Education & Reference, Fun Facts
Size: 410 pages
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