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Boomerang Home Again: Pre-Internet "Coming of Age" Journal

by Jack Salk

Chuck Hartfield has “boomeranged” home, after an effort to make it on his own. He is implementing a new plan to live with his family at twenty-one. This story provides an intimate look at the struggle of making it on your own. The young, single adult has moved from Long Island, New York, to San Diego, California. Now, after the struggle for independence, he finds a second wind of security, at home. Chuck needs the familiarity of home, before he can mature to pursue his adult life. The series concludes, after Chuck narrated his need to “leave the nest,” in the first book of the trilogy, Leaving the Nest @21, Pre-Internet “Coming of Age” Journal, and then, San Diego Transplant, Pre-Internet “Coming of Age” Journal.”This is the third book in the series, but stands on its own, as a narration of maturation in the family home, after feelings have changed. The burning desire to leave home, and then return, has come full-circle with this story.Here is an excerpt from the first book, Leaving the Nest @21, Pre-Internet “Coming of Age” Journal, regarding the motivation for the topic of this book:When I go to San Diego, I want to be smart and on the ball. I’m not going to take a lazy ass attitude and bask in the sun all the time. Sure, I’m going to enjoy myself, but not at my own expense. I’ll make my own time. The days of summer vacations are over. I’m not a teenager anymore. It’s time to grow up if I want to reach my goals. This, I know is a good decision. Sure, I want to be in shape and fit, but the “stud” attitude of Utah high school is outgrown. Now that it is unraveled I can rest. I have a habit of creating a lot of emotion in an idea, feeding my ego and self-image and starving myself with insecurity. I like the theme, right now, of “innocence lost” and hardening the conscience through lessons from harsh experiences which tend to falsely teach us that we are naïve and need a rude awakening. I believe that we can continue, stably, and that our simplest nature is a most priceless possession.

Genre: Biography & True Accounts, Historical, Memoirs, Children's eBooks, Religion & Spirituality, Fiction, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction
Size: 256 pages
Free download for Kindle from 08 February 2020 onward  

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