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Muscle and Fitness: Train Without Pain

by Collins Jake

I tried hypnosis once. It didn’t go very well. The hypnotherapist looked like she’d just stepped straight out of an ashram, and for some reason she thought that playing a background soundtrack of a babbling brook would help to lull me into a hypnoticstate. So there I was lying on a lounge, with this womanbouncing on a Swiss ball next to me and urging me torelaaaaax, while all I could think about was how muchthat sound of running water was making me want togo to the toilet. So since then I’ve been fairly cynicalabout the whole hypnosis deal.That is, until I read the article on page 64. It seemsthat hypnosis is not just hippy mumbo jumbo after all.It’s actually a legitimate treatment method that can beused to help you with a whole bunch of issues – fromovercoming flagging gym motivation or anxiety issuesto boosting your athletic performance. While it mightnot work for everyone, it could well be the tool you’vebeen missing in your training arsenal.As for me? Well, I’m still feeling a little wary. But ifI do give it another shot in the future, I’ll be sure touse the bathroom first.

Genre: Health & Fitness, Exercise & Fitness, Sport, Training
Size: Unknown
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