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by Manuel Bob

welcome us into their homes and lives. As regular readers know, I grew up incountry Queensland and never for a minute take for granted the opportunity thatthis job affords me to keep one foot in the bush.Wherever the AC team travels we are always impressed by the resilience of peoplefrom rural and regional areas and their energy to constantly reinvent themselves andtry new ways to keep their businesses viable. Quite frequently we find ourselves incommunities that have a particular energy: the people behind the tiny, remote townsthat won’t give up in the face of droughts, floods, fires and uncertain commoditymarkets. Winton in central-western Queensland is a classic case in point. Winton hasrefused to give up and looked to tourism to bring renewed vigour to town. One of themany strategies Winton employed to attract people and business was to capitalise onthe spectacular surrounding landscape by attracting film-makers to the region. Thelocal elders followed up a bold rebranding of Winton as the Hollywood of the outbackwith the Vision Splendid film festival and you can read about the fabulous time wehad during that event in the story that begins on page 68. This reinvention of Wintonis due in no small part to the tireless campaigning former mayor Butch Lentondedicated to his hometown. Sadly Butch lost his battle with cancer just before wewent to press. But I’m sure that the people of Winton won’t let his dreams die, and I’mconfident we will be hearing about many more great initiatives coming from Wintonin the coming years.I’m intrigued by the concept of “the little towns that could” and would love to hearfrom you if you think your town fills that bill and holds an event or has a strategy thatshould be celebrated in our magazine. I’d also like to take this opportunity to wishyou and your families a very happy new year from all of us here at AC HQ. We lovehearing from you and thank you for all your feedback and story suggestions. Welook forward to bringing some of them in next issue,which goes on sale March 1

Genre: Home & Garden, How-to & Home Improvements
Size: 306 pages
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