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The House on Topaz Dune

Rating: 3.30 / 5
5 reviews

by Carol Turner

Three women, a span of 90 years....Hildy Saunders arrives at the house on Topaz Dune, giddy with joy and puzzled about why her mysterious Aunt Lillian—someone she's never met—left it to her. But she's not complaining. She sets about getting the place cleaned up to sell, a process that puts her in danger of making a grave mistake. Told in alternating chapters are the stories of Aunt Lillian and Hildy's "exotic" mother, Faye. Restless and inquisitive, Faye is the older sister who yearns to escape from the remote mining town of Telluride and experience the world. She gets her wish but things don't quite work out the way she planned. Meanwhile, Lillian falls in love and marries a wealthy industrialist, but her cautious nature eventually becomes a barrier to her happiness.

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction
Size: Unknown
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