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How to win the Premier League: On a Shoestring

by Ash Nehmet

A few wealthy clubs dominate the English Premier League and almost lockout every other club from the top slots. But what if your mid-to-low level club was to power it’s way to the top, without the help of untold riches. What if less-wealthy clubs made a habit of overcoming their disadvantages and regularly winning the league. You might think this is almost impossible. And you might be right unless you and many others read this book. This book outlines several strategies which could help propel your club to the top. Also rule changes which would make it more difficult to ‘buy’ the league, therefore making it fairer and tilting it back towards the majority. We might then have frequent ‘Leicester City’ type of events and a completely unpredictable top five every year. The book is a short read; you could finish it in a couple of hours. To reduce the book buyer feeling short-changed, I have included the first chapter of my forthcoming (in late 2018) book called “Ministry of AfterDeath” as bonus material. - Ash Nehmet

Genre: Sport, Other Team Sports
Size: 56 pages
Free download for Kindle from 26 August 2019 onward  

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