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The Perfect Potty Zoo: The Funniest ABC Book (Potty Training Book, Rhyming Book for Kids 2-5 Years Old, Toddler Book, potty training books for toddlers, potty book) (The Funniest ABC Books 1)

Rating: 2.60 / 5
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by Agnes Green

“Animals from A to Z are very much like you,They play, they eat, they sleep, they dream,They even pee and poo!”This is a book that answers important potty time questions!From Alligators to Zebras via Octopuses and Bears, animals and little children alike must answer the call of Mother Nature when she reminds us that it’s time to go to pee and poo.We all know how good little boys and girls should go potty -but what about animals? If you or your child has ever wondered how animals might visit their own potties, you’ll find the answers in this very book!Agness Green’s The Perfect Potty Zoo is a hilarious and endearing book that little boys and girls potty training will love, all while giving their parents a book to support them as they train for this important milestone in their young lives.Follow the antics of twenty-seven very different animals from air, land, and sea as they all go potty in this beautifully imaginative rhyming ABC book is accompanied with vivid, full-color illustrations from artist Zhanna Mendel.Written for children between the age of 2 – 5, this engagingly humorous book is perfect not just for injecting a little toilet humor into the sometimes-fraught process of potty training, but also for helping young children to learn their alphabet while increasing their knowledge of the natural world at the same time.The simple rhymes used for each animal are easy to read and will make this book a memorable journey for parent and child alike, giving plenty of opportunities for funny voices and even open an educational conversation about just why we all need to pee and poo and use our potties.As a mother of three, author Agness Green has successfully trained each of her children, helping them to make this sometimes-difficult transition from diapers to potty and eventually toilet a fun journey. This funny, cute book is a result of her own experiences potty training – and now you can make potty time great again with a book that’s perfect for potty time reading!Order The Perfect Potty Zoo today to enjoy a book that’s filled with potty humor to bring smiles and laughter at the improbable animals and their strange potty habits - Some or the bright, yet cute illustrations and their accompanying rhyme will have you all howling with laughter!*****abc book, potty book, potty training books, baby book, baby books, toddler potty books, toilet training books for toddlers, zoo books for children, childrens books ages 1-3, books for 2 year olds, books for 3 year olds, books for babies, children books by age 1 3, abc animal book, animal alphabet, learning animals for toddlers, toddler books abc, learning letters for toddlers, books about animals, books about potty, books for boys, books for girls, nursery rhymes, childrens nursery rhymes books, toddler books nursery rhymes, poetry for kids, poetry books for kids

Genre: Children's eBooks, Animals, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction
Size: 38 pages
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