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Stories in Old Testament - Volume 4

by Frank Yu

There are many interesting stories in Old Testament. The purpose of this book is to collect these stories to let reading Bible more interesting. Bible stories are not fairy tales, but real stories. They told us what happened before. Reading them will help us understand God and us better. It is God’s desire to let everyone know Him, since Bible is God’s word for us.Volume 4 of this book covers the stories from the Book of Ezra to Song of Songs. After reading these stories, we can reach following conclusion: God is the only real God, mighty and noble. There is no other god in this world can compare with Him in power and wisdom. No matter we know Him or not, we are under His authority. Knowing God is a live or death decision.

Genre: Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality, Bibles, Sacred Texts, Christianity
Size: 296 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

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