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Sundog Daze: A Western Adventure (Sundog Series Book 2)

Rating: 4.70 / 5
4 reviews

by Ash Lingam

"Hang-em high boys. Make sure there is a six-foot drop so the outlaw dies clean from a snap of the neck," said old Judge Roy Bean, the man they called the Hanging Judge. Captain Ridge Creek of the Texas Rangers stood by as the hangman focused on the task at hand. The outlaw that Ridge brought to justice on the trail to Laredo for his appointment at dawn with the noose and hell. As eighteen sixty approached the lawlessness on the Texan border with Mexico was still rampant. Violent raids from banditos, outlaws, Comanche, gunfighters and Mexican gun hands hired by south of the border ranchers. It was an onerous task and the responsibility of the small band of Texas Rangers. Especially the Ranger the Comanche called 'With Dead Eyes'. The man who instilled fear in the outlaws and Plains Indians alike. This is the story of Ridge Creek’s younger years. This West Texan lawman is as hard as a coffin nail and makes this true western adventure a great read. Vol. 2.

Genre: Fiction, Westerns, Romance, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 306 pages
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