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Underwater Mysteries: Unidentified Submerged Objects, Paranormal Phenomena, and Lost Cities

Rating: 3.00 / 5
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by Steve Watson

Discover the many underwater mysteries our planet boast. From lost civilizations to unidentified submerged objects, you will be surprised by the multitude of strange and unexplained phenomena that originates under the waters across the World.There is nothing on this planet more mysterious than our oceans, lakes, streams, and rivers. These sources of water have also and always been sources of legend. Human civilization has always depended on water, and land-based societies are inextricably linked to their waterways. Egypt was built on the Nile, ancient Mesopotamia was surrounded by the Euphrates and Tigris, and port cities dotted the entire Mediterranean coast. You see, although we live on dry land, we draw our inspiration, our livelihood, and our most captivating experiences from the water. There is no book that could hold all of the tales that the sea has brought to us, but this book brings to you some of the very best. Within these chapters you will explore many unexplained underwater mysteries including:The lost and sunken lands of Atlantis. The tale of refugees from a once great South Pacific empire who were forced to settle on a small speck of land called Easter Island. The stories of strange craft appearing and disappearing in the deep. Tales of sea monsters and bizarre aquatic humanoids that have been seen surfacing from our shores. Even legendary creatures such as the mermaid are given a full update in this book as we explore some very recent encounters with this supposedly mythical entity. Riveting accounts of those who have disappeared on the great oceans of our world. Here you will find a unique account of the classic story of the Mary Celeste, as well as breaking news on the fate of one of the most famous people ever to be lost at sea: Amelia Earhart. And much more! It’s all right here in this book. So, come along with us as we see just how far we can travel through these uncharted and mysterious waters.Scroll back up and click BUY NOW on the top right side of this page to download your book now!

Genre: Arts & Photography, Architecture, Nonfiction, Science & Maths, Nature & Ecology
Size: 100 pages
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