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Forex Trading: 3 Books in 1 (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Forex Trading) (Investments & Securities Book 12)

by FinTech Publishing

Forex Trading – Level 1 – Beginner Forex Trading Made EasyForex Trading: Beginner Forex Trading Made Easy will teach you the ins and outs of trading foreign currencies. Whether you are looking for a way to leave your office job or simply to increase your income, this book is for you. Forex Trading: Beginner Forex Trading Made Easy is a handy manual that will teach you everything that you need to learn about forex. Learn how to trade foreign currencies successfully and make continuous profits. -Have the right understanding of what forex is really all about-The basics of trading foreign currencies-The standard to look for when choosing a forex broker-Effective and time-tested trading strategies-Best Forex practices-Mistakes and blunders to avoidAnd so much more! Forex Trading – Level 2 – Intermediate Strategy to Earn Fast Income There is no question that investing is a challenging business, but unlike those who dabble in the stock market, trading on the Forex Market comes with its own unique quirks and challenges. Throughout the pages of this book, you will learn a host of practical tips and guidelines that can help you to develop solid and practical habits that can propel you into a whole new kind of investment.Trading on the Forex Market (the foreign exchange) requires more than just learning how to pick a good currency. There’s a little psychology involved, a little calculation that you will have to hone in on your powers of perception and keep your finger on the world events that move the world’s economy. Surely a tall order when you think about it, but through the pages of this book, it is broken down into easy to follow step-by-step suggestions that can make you a better investor all the way around. Inside you will find tips on:1.How to read a Price Action Chart2.How to understand basic Forex terminology3.the Psychology of Forex Trading4.Where you fit in the foreign exchange market5.How to research and analyze information related to trading currencyand so much more.We hope you enjoy this material and benefit greatly from it. Happy trading and good luck!Forex Trading – Level 3 – Advanced Tips, Tricks & Trends Anyone who is looking to improve their position financially knows that they won’t make it happen on a 9-5 job; investing is the way to go. So, if you’re going to invest, why not get your feet wet in the busiest financial market in the world. With the advice included in this book, you can reach out and get a touch of that $5.3 trillion dollar a day trade.There is no question that trading can be risky business but you can gain your confidence by practicing the many tips and guidelines provided within the pages of this book. It’s time for you to take Forex Trading by the bull’s horns and become a true master of the game.This book is filled with practical guidelines that can literally take your trade to the next level. Maybe you’ve decided to try trading for the fun and excitement of the game or maybe you’re just interested in a faster way to amass more wealth. Whatever your reasons, the answers you seek are here in this book. So, if you’re ready to move on to the next level in Forex Trading then join us and turn the page. Together we can open up a whole new world.

Genre: Business & Finance, Finance, Industries & Professions, Nonfiction
Size: 170 pages
Free download for Kindle from 17 February 2020 onward  

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