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Finding Skeletons in Mom's Closet: DNA Genetic Genealogy Test Reveals an Affair

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by Jack Harris

The DNA ancestry test kits that determine ancestry will also reveal family secrets such as "Not the Parent Expected" or "Non-Parental Events" that are also known as NPEs. The DNA ancestry results do not match the paper trail when there is an extramarital affair, unknown to the family and perhaps, unknown to the legal father. Some estimates are that about 5% of tests reveal NPEs within two generations. Testing other family members will further prove your father or grandfather is not a biological relative. This story wrestles with the decision to make the discovery public while providing the reader important research tools . Esteban must decide whether to reveal his biological father to his own family or contact new-found relatives. How would the information effect their lives? This is a fictional story based upon true events with the character names changed to protect the privacy of the families involved. The story begins by providing a three-dimensional description of the main character that builds an interest in his personal life and shows that there is more to his life than DNA testing. The story provides a balance of emotional decisions along with important lessons about using DNA testing tools. Those who are interested in this story enjoy the following subjects: Adoption, Paternity, Ancestry, Genetic Genealogy.About the author: Jack has been involved with genealogy since childhood. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since graduating from the University of Utah and Baruch College (CUNY) he has written over 20 journals and books. Prior to publishing he worked at the New York ad agency, Lowe & Partners.

Genre: Nonfiction, Parenting & Families, Adoption, Education & Reference, Genealogy, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Genetic Engineering
Size: 45 pages
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