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MADONNA: A ROLE MODEL FOR ALL WOMEN: A mix of talent, determination, humility, generosity and an unshakeable sense of self.

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by Austin Brooks

An overview of Madonna’s life story and what we should learn from her. Madonna is an incredible female icon and role model, a figure of undeniable talent, but she is also a woman to look up to and admire. Born in Michigan in 1958, she has become a woman everyone around the world knows for her gifts and capacities, career and philanthropy. Through hard work, determination and an incredible penchant for not following any rules but her own, she has become a female leader that all women can honor as an example of how to improve their own lives and succeed through hard work, willpower and determination. Madonna grew up in Michigan but moved to New York City while she was in her late teens. It is there where she began paving the path to fame and success, which would, in turn, allow her to become the voice for a generation and the leader that so many women around the world hold in high esteem today. Through constant reinvention of both her voice and her image, Madonna has shown that success is also a direct result of being yourself - something increasingly important for young women today to hear. In a world where people are often tempted to follow the pack, Madonna goes to show that being who you are and staying true to yourself is beneficial in a myriad of ways, and will pay off in the end. In this book, we will see how Madonna became the woman we know today. Despite criticisms, obstacles and many hardships along the way, she has become one of the music and entertainment industry’s best known and most admired faces. For women all around the world, she is a voice to be heard and a figure to venerate. Read and see how you, too, can become the person you have always wanted and were always meant to be.Download your book now and start off on the path to being yourself, and no one else!TAGSMadonna, britney spears, mariah carey, madonna age, how old is Madonna, madonna instagram, madonna songs, madonna inn, madonna 2016, madonna like a prayer, madonna vogue, madonna like a virgin, madonna news, madonna children, madonna frozen, madonna hung up, madonna albums, madonna movies, madonna wiki, madonna music, madonna twitter, madonna material girl, madonna rebel heart, madonna videos, madonna rebel heart tour dvd, madonna rebel heart tour, rebel heart tour, madonnaonline. rebel heart tour dvd, madonna discography, madonna film, madonna facebook, instagram Madonna, madonna sorry, madonna real name, madonna birthday, madonna lyrics, madonna tour, madonna ciccone, heart tour, madonna son. your heart, the Madonna, madonna Madonna, madonna 1980s, madonna images, madonna biography, madonna now

Genre: Biography & True Accounts, Arts & Literature, Leaders & Notable People, Specific Groups, Nonfiction
Size: 32 pages
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