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ROCK THE MOCKTAILS: Fantastic Alcohol-Free Drink Recipes For Any Occasion (No-Booze Cocktails, Parties, Bartending, Drinks, Cocktails)

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by J.R. Oliphant

Do you want to skip the booze, but not the flavor or the fun?! Then let renowned bartender and mixologist (and rock guitarist) Justina Rae "J.R." Oliphant show you how to make 100 of the best non-alcoholic drinks -- better known as mocktails -- for all occasions, whether you're hosting a party, just kicking back by yourself, or anything and everything in between, all year long! Armed with tons of knowledge, creativity and sass, Justina shows you how to turn simple, fresh ingredients into elegant, creative, and dynamite liquor-free drinks, and explains what equipment and glassware you'll need to make your mocktails really come to life. From the delectable Amy's Straw Hat to the show-stopping Watermelon Kick, Justina guides you through 100 different tried-and-true drink recipes that are as fun and easy to make as they are sensational to drink, and will make your parties unforgettable.Rock The Mocktails is especially great for moms-to-be; or if you're planning a gathering for kids or teens; or for any party or get-together where you'd like to offer fantastic beverage options for non-drinkers or designated drivers so that they're not stuck with just soda or juice.There's no reason for booze-free drinks to be boring...not when you can learn how to ROCK THE MOCKTAILS!

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Special Occasions, Nonfiction
Size: 143 pages
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