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‘It’s weird having a werewolf in the family. Especially when you’re the ONLY one who knows about it!’From author Lucy Knight, comes this hilarious, bite-sized story, about eleven-year-old Charlie and his family's adventures at 'Donkey's Bottom' - The silly, hilly home of Aunty Carol and Uncle Brian.Uncle Brian is short, fat and sweaty, with sideburns the size of squirrel tails and eyebrows SO bushy, it’s like a giant caterpillar’s crawled onto his forehead for a snooze! ... But there's a full moon and Uncle Brian has a secret. An extraordinary secret that’s about to change all their lives … FOREVER!Laugh your socks off at this funny, quick-read adventure story. Ideal for readers aged 9yrs and over.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure
Size: 44 pages
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