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PORTUGUESE: VERBS FAST TRACK LEARNING FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS: The 100 most used Portuguese verbs with 3600 phrase examples: past, present and future.

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by Sarah Retter

Focus your Portuguese learning on the most frequently used verbs. Learn just the 100 verbs you need for everyday life to talk about the past, the present and the future. One of the usual mistakes when learning a foreign language is that the student has no priorities. All the unknown verbs get the same attention.Actually, to communicate you only need 100 verbs in any language. These verbs are the most frequently used and can be defined using an algorithm that provides the ranking. In this book you´ll find the list. This book will provide you with the 100 verbs you have to learn first to get around when traveling or interacting with Portuguese speaking people.The phrases are presented in a very simple fashion: Past, Present and Future. No complications with the so many different conjugations and their weird names. Straight and simple. So, don’t waste your time and energy! Focus your effort on the most important verbs you have to learn to master Portuguese! Download your copy and start focusing your energy today! TAGSportuguese language, how to speak Portuguese, portuguese phrases, speak Portuguese, basic Portuguese, teach yourself Portuguese, portuguese words, language Portuguese, portuguese alphabet, brazilian Portuguese, portugal online, portuguese grammar, brazil language, speaking Portuguese, brazilian portuguese to English, language in Portugal, brazilian portuguese phrases, portuguese phrasebook, basic portuguese phrases, learn brazilian Portuguese, portuguese for dummies, easy Portuguese, european Portuguese, learn portuguese online, learn Portuguese, portuguese brazil, basic portuguese words, portuguese vocabulary, how to learn Portuguese, learn to speak Portuguese, words in Portuguese, portuguese lessons, brazilian portuguese dictionary, the portuguese language, english Portuguese, brazilian portuguese language, learn european portuguese

Genre: Nonfiction, Education & Reference, Foreign Languages, Travel, Continental Europe
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