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Ascension: Hallthorn series

by Eva Spedoske

A week after Audrey's twentieth birthday her life implodes. The woman who claimed to be her Grandmother, the only person she has ever known, takes her own life. Audrey is warned a man will come for her and this begins her journey. She was born for a purpose and a dangerous one. Julian and Grayson are two men who will further complicate this situation. They support and follow their leader, but the lust in Julian's eyes and love in Grayson's heart are two things she can't decide between. Her life of seclusion has left her at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding the feelings these men stir inside her. Audrey starts this story as a mousy young lady and ends as a headstrong woman who is dedicated to snuffing out the chaos and death before it spills into the human world.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Family Saga, Fairy Tales
Size: Unknown
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