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History of the Asian Masters: Chronicling 35,000 Years of Asian Fighting Arts

by Losik Ph.D, Len

Secrets of the Asian Masters chronicles the never before told story of the stone age origin and evolution of the fighting arts throughout Asia dating back 35,000 years. It also includes battlefield applications, ancient masters, the evolution of ancient manuscripts, ancient writings, origins of today's oral traditions, the importance of ancient Masters such as Lao Tzu, Confucius, and Lao Tzu's theory of relativity he preached and improved and expanded on by Albert Einstein. It includes the writings of Tao, I Ching, Tao Te Ching, Buddha, and K'ungfu tze,(Confucius) and describes their influence and necessity on all fighting/martial arts. Secrets of the Asian Masters chronicles the world events down through history and the their destruction and recreation that became today's fighting arts/martial arts styles of self-defense known as Tangsu as never told before.

Genre: History, Asia, Sport
Size: 205 pages
Free download for Kindle from 16 February 2020 onward  

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