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The Ultimate Tough Mudder Training Program: Tough Mudder Training , Nutrition and conditioning Program

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by Chad M. McKinley

Designed specifically with your best Tough Mudder performance in mind.Every aspect of your fitness , health and diet are covered in this extensive and comprehensive course.When completed in a year, You will be gifted with the knowledge, trial & error and experiences that will give you the expertise to be your own "Trainer" or "Coach" for the rest of your life. In all areas. Nutrition, Exercise, Cardio, Resistance and etc etc.I have been Personal Training and Coaching since the late 1980's.....When I got my first job as a teenager at the infamous "George Turners Gym" (Maker of Bodybuilding champions in those days).I have served twice in the United States Army (Aviation) , where I was a Master Fitness and in charge of fitness programs battalion wide.During this time period is where "MAC-P" fighting systems were formed and put to practice.I am a level 3.I went to college in Oregon and Arizona, where I majored in Law and Finance. Aside from my sports and fitness endeavors.......I have also spent two decades in the finance industry and in Real Estate Development. For the past 12 years I have focused on being the Agent, Coach and the trainer of Models, Performers and athletes. In particular Fitness Models, physique competitors and Pro-MMA Fighters.Over the past decade, I have worked in some of the most famous gyms in the world for their prospective sport....Training next to and sparring with some of the biggest Icons of our day.I specialize in getting clients "Performance/Competition Ready". www.gymmba.info

Genre: Nonfiction, Health & Fitness, Diets & Weight Loss, Exercise & Fitness, Sport, Extreme Sports
Size: 241 pages
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