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Los Angeles: A City of Fame: A Photo Travel Experience (USA Book 1)

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by Andrey Vlasov

Beautiful blue ocean water, 365 days a year of sun, sea breeze, hot sand under your feet, skyscrapers, highways, traffic jams, millions of cars, multi-lingual communities, celebrities, hard workers, dreamers, a spirit of freedom with unlimited opportunities, and the highs and the lows of life. That’s all about Los Angeles, the biggest and the most famous city on the west coast of the United States.The City of Angels, as it is so-called, is a place where the boldest dreams come true and hearts smash into shivers. A city where success can soar or expectations can ruin.It has a stronghold of passions, sins, high ambitions and at the same time a bulk of healthy lifestyle options, jogging in the morning, fresh juices, organic foods and yoga. All together it attracts a bunch of people that want to be on the crest of the wave. Los Angeles is a city of immigrants and people who are looking for a better life. There is a wide variety of languages, dialects, nationalities, and races that brings people from all over the world in flocks like rivers to the sea. Maybe the thing is that everyone can find a place and make their dreams come true.As for the sightseeing, Los Angeles isn’t limited to the Walk of Fame and Hollywood. Like other significant cities it is cliche yet diverse, busy yet slow paced, ambitious yet relaxed, and glamorous while simultaneously appearing disheveled like a transient backpacker. What is Los Angeles? It is mountains and hills with stunning views of the city. Locals come for the weekends to hike, camp, and to connect with nature. People visit to forget about the everyday hustle. There are splendid national parks where you can see spectacular waterfalls, sail by boat along rivers and lakes, and experience the harmony and unity of the natural world. There are highways for weekend warriors to cruise in luxurious cabriolets. Turn up the music, sing along and feel the wind in your hair.It’s impossible not to mention the part of beautiful beaches. The tanned sporty people, surfing, huge waves, hot sun, and refreshing ocean water. The good times are always close by. What about walking the promenade along the fashionable bohemian area of Venice and posh Beverley Hills? Strolling along the seafront, visiting vintage shops and discovering some masterpiece from the 70’s/ 80’s, buying unusual jewelry or rare vinyl records as a reminder of visiting the city of Californian dreams. In the evening you can go and hang out at a party: glance at fashionable, well-dressed people, make new friends, and drink one or two strong cocktails.L. A. is a gourmet food lover paradise. Thanks to the immense amount of different nationalities living there, it’s easy to find any type of cuisine. The cooking is authentically prepared by native Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and other ethnicities.Needless to say, the influence of Hollywood and cinematography are the main reasons that there is a wide variety of different movie theaters. You can go to an old-school cinema that still has a special atmosphere of the 1920’s and watch some Hollywood classics like “Casablanca” or “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. As well as going to open-air movie theater and watching some chick-flick from your car, while eating pizza and drinking a cold Coca-Cola. L. A. is one of the most ambiguous and controversial cities in the world. Some endlessly admire it, some frankly dislike it. Some can talk non-stop about the great sightseeing, atmosphere, and people. Though, as the saying goes, it’s a place you have to experience yourself. Thus, I hope my photos will help you imagine the city, learn about some of its features, as well as inspire and excite you to come and visit, explore, and try to understand this unique place.

Genre: Arts & Photography, Photography, Nonfiction, Travel, United States
Size: 100 pages
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