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Easier English for Dyslexics 17: Review All Consonant Sounds

by D M Baker

Read / Spell...Better...FasterIsn't this what you want for your child?The Easier English for Dyslexics series is a memory palace of the English sound code with pictures, colors, silly phrases and repetition to aid recall. Fluency with these sounds makes reading and spelling easier and is key to becoming a good reader.Easier English for Dyslexics 17 reviews all consonant sounds with memorable pictures and phrases and asks questions to improve sound awareness. This ebook also encourages you to use a metronome to increase fluency and automaticity with letters and sounds. Practice saying the sounds automatically as you tap or swipe through the pictures. Then turn on a metronome and say the sound to the beat as you tap or swipe each screen.At the end of this book is an alphabetical chart to encourage you to practice saying the sounds with just a listing of the letter or letters. A more complete chart with spelling patterns included is at the end of the paperback book, My Easier English Coloring Book: All the Sounds in English.Just what you needThe 17 short ebooks in Easier English for Dyslexics focus on building phonological awareness, that key reading skill. How to make letter sounds is described in ebooks along with cartoons and color pictures to liven up spelling rules and lists of words with silent letters. Though designed for older dyslexics, the series could be adapted for use by younger children or for English as a Second Language students. Your child may not need to study all 17 ebooks. Use just what you need.You don't need training to use these ebooks.You only have to be willing to explore the sounds in words.Easy on your pocketbookEasier English for Dyslexics is filled with sound puzzles to encourage your child to apply his or her new knowledge. Review books are also included. Dyslexics often have to review the same material in different ways to master it.You’ll find these family friendly materials simple to use and easy on the pocketbook. As you and your child connect the sounds of English to the letters, you’ll both learn patterns that make English much easier to read and spell.Help is on the wayScroll up to get your copy today and see how daily review of Easier English for Dyslexics can help your child improve.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Nonfiction, Education & Reference, Foreign Languages, Words & Language, Foreign Language Learning
Size: 50 pages
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