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How to Be The Girl Who Gets the Guy: How Irresistible, Confident and Self-Assured Women Handle Dating With Class and Sass

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by Leslie Braswell

In Leslie Braswell’s book How to Be The Girl That Gets the Guy you will learn how confident, self-made no BS kind of women handle the dating game and have the time of their life in the process. In this book, you’ll learn… •How to stay ready for love•Ways in which you can reprogram your brain over time to retrain the way you think about yourself.•Why revealing too much, too soon, takes away from a woman’s mystery.•What to do after dates one, two and three.•How to use your femininity to your advantage. •What to do when a man tells you he’s “not looking for a serious relationship.”•What to do if you’ve slept with a man, too soon. •How to stay date night ready.•How to be a little mysterious.•What dating multiple men will do for you.•How to charm your way into a man’s heart.•Why he may not be calling.•Why Financial Independence is key to your happiness•How to earn a man’s respect•How to charm your way into a man’s heart•How to handle being stuck in relationship limbo•What to do when a man stops calling •Why independence is the key to happiness•How to handle relationships on social media•Why you should be dating multiple men…and so much more. Whether just diving back into the dating pool, stuck in relationship limbo or recovering from a break-up you’ll learn how the most irresistible, confident, self-assured women handle dating with class and sass.LESLIE BRASWELL is a best-selling author who loves to empower women with knowledge, confidence, and power when it comes to matters of the heart. She does so through popular books like Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy: The Art of No Contact and How to Be the Girl That Gets the Guy. She lives in Texas with her family.

Genre: Nonfiction, Parenting & Families, Family Relationships, Self-Help & Counselling, Relationships
Size: 132 pages
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