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by April Conrad

It is the 55th century, and Lehra Cranewing has always dreamed of traveling to the stars. Following the footsteps of her parents, she has joined ESEA, the Earth Space Exploration Administration, the paramilitary agency which controls all official exploratory missions for the Earth Star Alliance.Shortly after graduating from the academy, she makes a promise with her father that together, they will one day reach a world that has been coined “Fringe”, a habitable moon orbiting a gas giant 35 light years away. A project named “Resolute” seeks to send a craft there at 99% light speed, something that has never been done with a manned mission, and once it leaves, the craft will never return.Aydeline Rivervale is a rising star within ESEA, said to be the best efficiency expert in the whole organization. While she thinks space exploration is important, she's more concerned with the smaller details and making sure things work right. She has no interest in leaving the Sol System, as she has a large family and would never leave them.Assigned to Project Resolute, Aydeline meets Lehra, and they quickly grow closer. They immediately realize their feelings seem to go much deeper than mere camaraderie or appreciation for one another as officers—but if they take that step together, how would they ever begin to balance the goals in the rest of their lives, which always seem to pull them in opposite directions?

Genre: Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Hard Science Fiction, Space Exploration
Size: 293 pages
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