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How To Build An Intimate Relationship: Wisdom From Songs Of Solomon

by J Blest

Intimacy is what many people are seeking when they get into a relationship especially with the opposite sex. Unfortunately many of those who get into such relationships do not understand and appreciate that having intimacy in a relationship depends on whether you are knowledgeable about certain principles that govern true intimacy and whether or not you are willing to live by them. Many people mistakenly think that experiencing intimacy in a relationship is something they can stumble upon or something that develops simply because they desire it. Nothing is further from the truth. Intimacy is something you consciously build towards by applying the principles that govern its birth, growth and maturity. The search for intimacy in relationships has left many heartbroken and disillusioned with many concluding that intimacy is something that only exists in soap operas and romance novels. Many unanswered questions linger in the hearts and minds of people whether true intimacy can be experienced in a relationship. The doubt in the masses is understandable when you consider the many dysfunctional homes many people have come from. There was no modeling of true intimacy between parents. Some parents decided to stay together not because they loved each other any more but because of their children or because they would loose much more if the society they were staying in discovered they were no longer together. Having come from dysfunctional homes or having witnessed dysfunctional homes many ask themselves “Is there any hope for those in the twenty first century to build and have a lasting, fulfilling and intimate relationship with one partner? Is there any hope for intimacy when husband and wife separate on their first night of marriage after a colorful wedding?The answers to these questions will largely depend on where we turn to for principles on building intimate relationships. If we turn to the WORLD all we will see and get are the glaring statistics of divorces in our day. However if we turn to THE WORD OF GOD we will get sound and lasting wisdom on how to build an intimate relationship that will stand the test of time.In seeking instruction and wisdom for establishing intimacy in relationships we will borrow heavily from the books of Genesis and from Songs of Solomon. The book of Genesis will give us the foundation for intimate relationships while the book of Songs of Solomon will give us the material for building an intimate relationship. The content of this book is targeted to those who hope to have an intimate relationship that will lead to marriage with the opposite sex. This book offers great insight for those in courtship while challenging those who are married to re-evaluate their relationship. I encourage those who are hurt and disillusioned from previous relationships and those seeking an intimate relationship to read this book. I believe the book will shed light in the darkness and bring them to the place where they can experience intimacy in their relationships. I humbly recommend the contents of this book to those who are in courtship and those who conduct courtship and marriage seminars.

Genre: Nonfiction, Parenting & Families, Self-Help & Counselling, Relationships
Size: 122 pages
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