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The All You Can Eat Apocalypse

by Jaymes Shore

God welcomes you to the new American theocracy. Enjoy your stay.It may not be the paradise you anticipated. Murder, rape, slavery, oppression, genocide, destruction or any other evil can be justified. You just have to know where to look in the Bible. If God wants it, how can it be wrong?Prepare for fourteen stories of religion run amok. These tales will offend strongly religious people. You have been warned. A little faith may comfort many in times of darkness, but not these people. Putting God back into America seems a pretty good idea to the faithful, but what happens when it’s not your God. You may trust in the Lord, but can you trust those who speak for in his name? Not happy with religion? Well, you could always make up your own, or just become a God yourself. All of the contradictions in the Bible are a bit confusing, so just pick the ones you like. God wants you to do it. If he didn’t, he would tell you to stop.Enjoy these tales of twisted faith, and pray none of them come true.Two Hundred And Eighty-Nine Stones For Ray Kraft:Church can be a very dangerous place when you love another man’s wife.The God Burger:Fast food has its dangers, as does religion. When the two mix, it never ends well. The Exorcism Of Sam Rosenberg:Sometimes it’s not worth putting up will hell, just to land that perfect job. You might find yourself a bit possessed.A Prayer For The Sick:Who needs all that horrible medicine anyway? Just pray, and God will cure you.A Voice In The Purple Dark:God is calling you, and he wants you to wear purple. Just follow the golden tablets, and question nothing. A cloned body and a space ship await you in the next life. You just have to believe.A Cross To Bear:It’s OK to ask the Lord for help. Hopefully, the God that comes is the one you invited. The War On Christmas:They have Holiday blend, instead of Christmas blend. The results will be deadly.The Six Million Dollar Pizza:It’s the best pizza in the state, but only the righteous can have any.Christian Gets His Girl:Getting the girl of your dreams is easier than you think. You just need the Bible and fifty Shekels.Darwin’s Folly:If everybody else believes in impossible things, you might as well join them.A Golem On Mount Sinai Lane:Be careful when you use the Bible for revenge. You may get more vengeance than you expected.Kevin Goes To Hell:It’s damn hot, but at least the bed is comfortable. Relax while you can, because you’re about to have a Devil of a time.A PILGRIMAGE FOR JAKECan the great Reverend return Charlie’s cat to life? Will he absolve Charlie’s friends? Can Charlie get there without being stoned for blasphemy? Join a pilgrimage to the holiest place on Earth, South Carolina.The All You Can Eat ApocalypseDon’t let the end of the world ruin your dining experience. Just ignore the battle between good and evil, and get some more peel and eat shrimp.

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Anthologies & Short Stories, Metaphysical & Visionary
Size: 386 pages
Free download for Kindle from 13 February 2020 onward  

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