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Lolli and the Thank You Tree (Meditation Adventures for Kids Book 2)

Rating: 5.00 / 5
2 reviews

by Elena Paige

GET THE E-BOOK FREE WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE PAPERBACK! Gorgeously illustrated full color 37 page 8x10 book.5 Stars! Reviewed By Carla Trueheart for Readers’ Favorite"I cannot say enough good things about this book! Lolli and the Thank You Tree features a group of three stories for children that will grab the young reader from the first page with a fun, authentic narrator. From there, the reader is swept away into an imaginative world with thank you trees, colored balls, travels inside of bubbles, Buddha plants, magic dust, and Mysterious Munchies. Lolli is a positive narrator, and one that should inspire children through her colorful adventures. At the heart of the book is a lesson on meditation for children, all of them guided through these imaginative worlds. The book is quite unique, with an emphasis on wishes, choices, and keeping away negativity and focusing on all the good in life. This is an interactive book that parents should read to their children."Lolli comes from the Land of Color and speaks directly to children guiding them through a story that they themselves adventure on and feel part of. Kids love the whimsical nature of following where Lolli takes them and they learn things coincidentally along the way. Parents, use these meditations to help increase your children's self esteem, enhance your child's imagination and encourage positive thinking. Helps kids with self acceptance and increases confidence. Lolli's meditation adventures help kids to be happy and make great choices. Lolli helps kids with their emotions and feelings, guiding them to deal with anger, worry and fear. Perfect for creating a wonderful sleep routine with your children. LOLLI AND THE THANK YOU TREE Includes three original guided meditations: Lolli and the Thank You Tree; Lolli and the Buddha Plant; and Lolli and the Purple Beetle Munchies. Three fun and inspiring adventures with Lolli, whom children love and trust. Along the way, as well as giggling they learn all about themselves and life."You can feel the author's love for children exemplified throughout the book. Not everyone can write for children. It takes a certain mind set, gifted with compassion and humility to create books for children. This author stands among the selected few. I recommend this book to children everywhere." Reviewed by Tshombye K.WareFind more stories by Elena Paige at www.ElenaPaige.com.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Nonfiction, Education & Reference, Education
Size: 37 pages
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