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Simplified Arithmetic and Algebra: A Mathematics Book for Elementary Schools and High Schools

by Kingsley Augustine

This book explains basic concept simply and clearly, without ignoring difficult points. Problem solving and mathematical ideas are introduced early and reinforced throughout this e-book, thereby providing students with a solid foundation in the principles of arithmetical thinking. This book is suitable for students of all levels, including those that are just starting to learn math, i.e. the dummies. It is also suitable for those that are intermediate in math and even those that have good mathematical foundation and are on the path to becoming expert in maths. This means that the step-by-step approach applied in this book is ideal for kids and adults alike. It will also serve as a refresher for those that have forgotten some major topics in mathematics.This comprehensive text provides complete coverage of basic arithmetic operations needed for students to function well in their fields of mathematics. The author has given attention to details and clarity in the many worked examples provided in this book. All the examples provided in this book are carefully explained in details so as to ensure that the aim of making readers to love mathematics is achieved. Math is fun, but its only when we fully understand the arithmetic of maths that our interest can fully come into play. In order to study this book, you do not need to have any prior knowledge since every topic has been explained by using plenty of examples. Exercises are given at the end of each topic in order for students to test their level of understanding of the topic. The exercises can be used in the form of work book for students to practice with. I advise every reader to attempt as many as possible questions in the exercises in order to know their level of understanding of the topics. The topics covered include: fraction, decimal, percentage, ratio, proportion, average, mixture, rate, simple interest, compound interest, word problem involving fraction. Your ability to solve numerous exercises provided will definitely prove to you that the explanations given are really detailed and easy to follow. Get to know arithmetic the easy way from an easy perspective.From the author of “Simplified Mathematics: A Book for High School and Colleges” and other science books.

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