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Buddhism for Beginners: 8 Step Guide to Finding Peace and Enlightenment in Your Life

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by Jill Hesson

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A Buddhism Beginner's 8 Step Guide to Finding Peace and Enlightenment in Your Life
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When you attempt to introduce people to Buddhism, they have this very strange notion that they have to learn a new religion. That makes it complex for people who don’t really understand what Buddhism is. Buddhism is a philosophy rather than a religion. That means that regardless of the religion you choose or the God that you worship, Buddhism can be incorporated into the way that you live your life without actually treading on the toes of religion. It’s a way of life. It doesn’t depend upon any kind of belief system, so even if you are heavily entrenched in your beliefs, you can still embrace Buddhism.

Since the basis of Buddhism comes in the Eight Fold Path, it seemed right that I should introduce Buddhism to beginners in 8 steps. I do not purport to be right in this assumption, though I do know that what I have written is written from personal experience and knowledge of what Buddhism is all about and how much it can improve the way in which you live your life. You may not know much about the history of Buddhism but it is very relevant to what you get out of Buddhism and in the first chapter, I have explained a little about where Buddhism comes from and how the Eight Fold Path was devised. This is important to your learning of Buddhism, which will indeed enrich your life with happiness. If that is what you are searching for, then look no further. The happiness level at which you are able to live your life does not depend upon status. It does not depend upon having a certain level of income. The pauper is as rich in happiness as the richest man on Earth if he understands and embraces Buddhist philosophy.

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The Roots of BuddhismLearning to be HumbleMindfulnessLearning Relaxation and Breathing TechniquesRespecting your PostureAnd Much More

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Size: 50 pages
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