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The Kwans of Tang Soo Do A New Look at Old Traditions: Korea's 20th Century Martial Arts Community

by Losik Ph.D, Len

This book is for the serious Korean martial art students, Instructors and Masters Instructor that want to know everything about Tang Soo Do's (and thus Tae Kwon Do) creation, history and evolution and Korean martial arts historical ties to ancient Korean martial arts such as Kwon Bup, Tae Kyun, Subahk and the Hwarang and to the more modern styles of Karate from Okinawa and Japan. The Kwans of Tang Soo Do includes the the dates, places and names of the Okinawa and Japanese Masters that taught displaced Koreans in Japan attending college and training in Karate Do as well as the names of the Kwan founders and the founding dates and locations of the Korean Kwans that taught the first 20th century, post war era Korean martial art called Tang Soo Do and Tang Soo Do's influence on the evolution of the post War Korean martial arts community as well its influence on Japanese and Okinawa Karate and Chinese Chuan Fa. The Kwans of Tang Soo Do explains how the Tang Soo Do Kwans became the largest and most influential organizations of the post World War II Korean martial arts community while the Japanese martial arts community was paralyzed with war crime trials by the U.S. military. The author includes Tang Soo Do's journey from the Tang Soo Do Masters of the post war martial arts community and the early Kwans in an agricultural-based Korea all the way to Tang Soo Do's journey from the dirt floors in the early 1940's era Kwans to the beautiful, Kukkiwon and Tang Soo Do's (Tae Kwon Do's) acceptance in the 1988 Olympic games. The author includes the Hyungs necessary to earn a Tang Soo Do Cho Dan Black Belt to 10th Dan Black Belt, a complete list of all Hyungs taught through the 20th century, a Hyung-to-Kata-to-Kuen conversion matrix and a 40,000 year martial arts chronology. Includes a substantial Bibliography, Glossary and Index for the readers convenience.

Genre: Nonfiction, Sport, Individual Sports, Miscellaneous, Teen & Young Adult, Sport & Outdoors
Size: 313 pages
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