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Miss Olivia (The Little Shop of Wonders)

by Robert Appleton

No matter how hard you try, no matter how far you look, you will never find this shop.It will find you.Dreams, desires, the most outlandish wishes: all are for sale at Esther May Morrow's timeless antiques and sundries store, for the bargain price of...well, that would be telling. You'll have to see for yourself. So come on in. Don't be shy. Make her an offer. She never refuses anyone.There's just one thing I should mention: each purchase comes with an absolute guarantee--no one who leaves her shop will be ever the same again.MISS OLIVIA (A Short Story)A celebrated gigolo of the future has an unusual problem--he's in love with a screen icon of the past. What he needs is a way back to Hollywood's Golden Age, and not just on his Virtual Reality headset. But there's no such thing as time travel...is there? 7,200 words Other stories from The Little Shop of Wonders* include: Cretaceous, Gin Rummy, Lot 62, Spellbound, The Conscripted Man, Phenomenal, Happy Meal, and The Temporal Man*Available separately or in The Complete Anthology

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Anthologies & Short Stories, Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel
Size: 30 pages
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