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Hats for Weddings and Special Occasions: How to Choose, Wear and Look Fabulous

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by Lacey Stella Dent

During my long career advising ladies regarding how to choose a hat for a special occasion, the most common statement I heard was “I don’t think I suit a hat, but need to wear one for an occasion, and I need lots of help as I don’t know where to start!” If you ever thought this, you are not alone, and this book has been written particularly with you in mind.
The reason ladies thought they could not wear a special occasion hat was because they did not know which style would suit them best and tried hats that did not suit their features. There are so many different styles of hat that there is bound to be something for you, just take my advice into account and you should find it.
There are many special occasions in people’s lives when they are called upon to wear a hat.
A beautiful hat completes an outfit and greatly enhances it. The right hat makes you feel on top of the world and you will know when you have found it, you will look at yourself in the mirror, wearing your special outfit with your new hat, and your make-up and hair done to perfection, and you will think, “Wow”, is that really me? I look and feel wonderful in this!” When you get that feeling, you know you have found your hat.
This book is a guide to help you choose the right hat for your features and figure, for your outfit and to suit the occasion.

Genre: Arts & Photography, Fashion, Home & Garden, Crafts & Hobbies, Weddings, Nonfiction, Education & Reference
Size: 23 pages
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