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Eversong: The daughter of Chaos: Volume 1

Rating: 4.70 / 5
37 reviews

by A. C. Salter

Elora's past lay hidden in a web of lies and half-truths; the secrecy weaved by her uncle to keep her from harm, or to keep her from harming the world. But she put her voice to a song, the wrong song and now the web is unravelling and she begins to understand why she is different, why she has violet eyes, why she has a ferocious temper that erupts on the slightest of whims.
A darkness is rising, the tide growing stronger as legions of an evil army, loyal to a dead God, prepare to cross the weakening barrier to deliver chaos and death to Earth.
Elora maybe the only weapon Earth has to stand against the evil, if she doesn't destroy the world first.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Romance, Science Fiction, Fairy Tales, Dystopian, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 373 pages
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