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Single Malt Whisky: Basic Knowledge in 30 Minutes - compact and comprehensible

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by Stefan Schulz

As a layman in front of a whisky shelf you can easily be overwhelmed.

• Should it be whisky or whiskey?
• How long should a whisky mature?
• What actually is Single Malt and what is Blended Scotch?
• How can whisky taste like peat, cherry or caramel?
• How is Single Malt Whisky be made and what exactly affects the taste?

After reading this little book you will be able to answer frequently asked questions easily and competently and also perfectly be able to participate in conversations about whisky.
And once you have acquired the necessary basic knowledge you will find it easy to dig deeper into the world of whisky.

Structure of the book:

First, important terms are explained, which are necessary for the understanding.
In the main part you will get basic knowledge, from the production to maturation down to filling.
Finally, you gain an insight in the whisky regions of Scotland.
Take the first step and immerse yourself into the world of Whisky!

What Qualifications Does the Author Have?
I can proudly look back on 12 years of catering experience. Even during school years I worked with joy in bars, because I wanted to learn the art of good cocktails. Later I passed my scientific studies, but continued working in gastronomy throughout the whole study period. Like this one the one hand I was able to finance my studies and on the other hand deepen my knowledge in cocktails and spirits. And I must admit that I often worked much more than I studied.
After I had learned how to mix over 100 cocktails, my interest was directed towards the big variety of whiskies and I decided to inform myself better. As soon as I entered the world of whiskies I realized pretty quickly that a lot of personal initiative will be necessary in order for me to gain a thorough knowledge about it. This lead to an extensive research and I got more information through many channels like books, on the internet, at tastings and so on. But I couldn’t find an introductory work that is short and therefore suitable to use that basic knowledge to slowly dive into the world of the Single Malt Whisky. Besides the interest in the subject matter, this was the major reason for my decision to write a small book myself for others to get access to that basic knowledge. Now I’m a passionate whisky collector and have a new hobby that gives me a lot of joy personally and adds real value.

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Nonfiction
Size: 36 pages
Free download for Kindle from 14 February 2020 onward  

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