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Prof. Reinhard Selten – Nobel Prize winner for Economics 1994, interviewed by Rainer Kurz

by Rainer Kurz

We are in Bonn, a university city in Germany. In the field of economics, Bonn is one of Germany’s leading universities. About 1900 of the 37000 students study at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. This faculty acquired its good reputation thanks to its economics scientists like Krelle, Hildenbrand and certainly also Reinhard Selten.

It was here that professor Selten created and developed the laboratory of experimental economics. He remains its active and innovative director. Here volunteers take part in game decisions at the computer. The more successful they are, the more money they can win. In this manner, the laboratory of experimental economics gives us a better understanding of individual actions in economic situations.

Professor Selten is a Nobel Prize winner for economics, the first and so far the only one in Germany. He received the prize in 1994 together with the Americans John Harsanyi and John Nash. The Nobel committee thus honoured Reinhard Selten's pioneering explorations in the field of the game theory.

We visited professor Selten at his home in Königswinter, near Bonn, to talk about his special contributions, the Nobel Prize, his career and also his private interests, especially his Esperanto activities.

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